Burn With Me

I want to kiss you with soft fingertips
And touch you tenderly with my lips
So you burn hot with anticipation
Before I ignite the flame
Want you to feel it in reverse
Before I flip the script
And give it to you how you want it
Just the way I too crave
Let me hold you in my arms
And keep your body close to mine
Sending trails of sweet love
To every part that makes you feel
I will travel the surface
Just to get to the depths
Making trails to places
That no one has ever ventured
I'll stain the paths with my kiss
So they can be revisited with ease
And I'll follow paths already made
Just to create new destinations

Oh, feel the hunger in my touch
And the longing in my kiss
As I consume you with passion
Like you were solely meant for this
Be the words on my tongue
Let me speak right from your mouth
I'll teach you the language of my soul
Learn every contour of me from the inside
Tell me that your hunger
Runs as deeply as I need it
And that you can feed me true desire
In heart-consuming doses
Squeeze me tight in your arms
Let your lips talk to my body
Memorize the details of my taste
So that every time you reminisce
Your tongue instinctively reaches out for me
So that I can feel you strong
No matter where I am
Keep me trembling via telepathy
And I will find my way to you
Wildly riding thought waves
I want to recount the ways
That I could never count the ways
That each thrust leaves me breathless
And yearning still for more
How I can't help but take your raw emotion
And send mine soaring back to your soul
Helplessly locking you in fervent grip
To surround you in abounding floods

Melt into me
As if you were the missing piece to my formation
Become one with my existence
To climb heights we've only dared to dream
Every room that we trace
Shines in the glow of us
Our shape reflects in the fire
That threatens to burn the house down
While we move in climactic rhythm
And eternal ecstasy
Is but a heartbeat a way
So burn with me
And lose yourself to bliss
Let me bathe in splashes of love
That come straight from your core
Because even if you fall off the edge of risk
I'll be here to catch your every piece
With soft security and quilted contentment

Mac's picture

This is sensational! One of the things that takes this over the top is that except for one or two words it can reflect both the male and/or the female perspective.

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