Language of Surrender!

hunger travels along the edges of nerves
tempted to tangle within auburn silver
while twisting thoughts into abandon;
taken hold by the grip of stale air
they're forced to vanish;
rendered powerless

breaths become heavy
when blood flow quickens,
overwhelmed with need to
cradle hardened intentions
inside the soft warmth of
my suffocated embraces

kiss me, Darling; make me bleed with
Your show of teeth & mark my
wanton flesh with trails of
flowing feral passion
as Your knees buckle & mine are left

Your slut craves
repeated surges of darkened greed
destined & held in the array of
cinnamon constellations
which carries the weight of burdens,
be released;
glossed & full are heard begging
in the language of surrender,
a dialect learned through
one which

vision is now left fixed on
unbridled & glowing
as salty drops glisten upon rosey horizons
when spiders observed are seen to scurry,
wrapping a beautiful treasure in
spun silks; gifted
to freely flourish

Mac's picture

I feel the hunger traveling in my bones

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